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Best Gag Gift for the Holidays! at Legacy Toys

Best Gag Gift for the Holidays!


Need a gift for that friend who tells the best jokes?

How about something for your cousin who is always ready for a good laugh? We have picked out five of the best gag gifts for this holiday season and they are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Pet Rock

Pet Rocks are back AND are just as cool as you remember! Don’t take it for granite, but each Pet Rock comes pre-trained to “sit” and “stay”. A boulder person would make sure to adopt a pair of Pet Rocks to make sure they are never lonely, but we cannot guarantee little pebbles won’t start rolling around. Even if you get off to a rocky start with your new Pet Rock, of quartz it will stay by your side.


Squirt WeeBoy

WHO PEED ON THE FLOOR?!? The Wee Squirt Boy of course! Just fill him up with water, pull down his pants, and watch as a stream of water squirts across the table. Eww Gross!


Pig Popper


Ready, Aim, POP! The Pig Popper will shoot foam balls up to 10 feet and is great for both indoor and outdoor fun. Just plug its nose with a foam ball, squeeze, and watch the ball fly across the room. The harder you squeeze, the faster and farther the ball will go!



Bean Boozled Fiery Five Challenge


Are you ready to heat up this holiday season? Then maybe you'll find the Fiery 5 Challenge in your stocking! If your taste buds are more on the mild side, then you are ready for a Jalapeno jelly bean. But if EXTREME heat is more your speed, then you can go straight for the Carolina Reaper.



SPAM Yahtzee


Everyone's favorite canned meat has been paired with the classic dice game Yahtzee! Spiced ham isn't all you'll be serving up in this fast-paced game. Match the dice that feature pictures of Spam Sushi Roll, Spam & Noodles, Spam Musubi, Fried Spam Sandwich, Spam Kabobs, and Spam Fries. Serving Size: One Can of Fun!


Here at Legacy Toys, we love the merriment holiday seasons can bring! We wish you and yours a very happy holiday and may joy fill your homes now and forevermore!

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