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Creating with Klutz - 7 new coloring sheets the family will love at Legacy Toys

Creating with Klutz - 7 new coloring sheets the family will love


All this time and nowhere to go…

With all this free time lately, we’re willing to bet that coloring books everywhere have shrunk down to their final few and lonesome pages. Luckily, Klutz has everyone’s back! One of our favorite companies around, Klutz has been creating DIY arts & crafts kits for decades, bringing kids around the world an accessible way to test new hobbies, and hopefully find something that sticks.

So please enjoy these free printable coloring sheets by Klutz!

Things are getting a bit robotic these days, with everyone stuck at home and wandering from point A to point B, then back to point A again, in an increasingly systematic way. Patterns are lovely, but they get to be a bit of a drag when everyone is stuck in the house for days on end… A person looks for something new to do!

So please consider this our and Klutz’s way to spread the love. Hugs aren’t exactly permissible right now, so we’ll just give you this sheet and consider it done!

Time for some fun facts about hugs:

  • Most people lean into hugs with their right arm. If they feel more negatively about the hug, they tend to lean in with their left.
  • They can lower your blood pressure! It may not change by much, but it’s as good enough a reason to hug grandma. (When it is safe to do so, of course.)
  • Hugging reduces social anxiety. By releasing a chemical called oxytocin from your brain, it takes some of those nervous thoughts and helps you perceive them in a bit of a brighter light.

Honestly, we all deserve a treat right now. Ice cream and cakes and candies galore are wonderful things in moderation, but coloring provides (almost) all the same satisfaction, with none of the calories.

Moral of the story: You should probably just have both.

Seriously, it’s time for a sugar fix. You need it. Trust us.

Every one of us is a unicorn in their own right, so why not channel that energy through a box of roughed-up crayons? Sure, our artworks may appear more messy than masterpiece when we’re little, but it’s all in the interest of making something even better down the line! Anyway, we like to think of a toddler’s artwork as interpretive… Makes it more of a “conversational piece”, y’know? It may be a very short, confused conversation, but at least it’s something!

Did you know that Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen mermaids while sailing the coast of Hispaniola? He was disappointed with what he saw, finding them to look a lot more brutish and masculine than he was led to believe. As it turns out, he saw nothing more than some manatees off in the distance.

Maybe mermaids are best left in fairy tales, movies and coloring books, after all.


As always, we hope you have an absolute blast getting those artistic juices flowing.

It is always a hoot with Klutz, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for something to fill the time. Our online store is officially open and ready to take your order, so we’re more than prepared to bring you the exciting and educational experiences you’ve come to expect from the comfort of your own home!



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