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How Fidget Toys Help Kids With Anxiety and Special Needs at Legacy Toys

How Fidget Toys Help Kids With Anxiety and Special Needs


Some kids have difficulties focusing in the classroom; this impacts learning comprehension and concentration at school. Various fidget toys help teach children how to refocus their attention and provide them with a healthy outlet to manage their fidgeting better. Begin learning how fidget toys help kids with anxiety and special needs. 

What Are Fidgets?

Children with anxiety or those on the autism spectrum may struggle to focus in a classroom setting due to emotional surges or increased stress levels. As a result, they may:

  • Tap their feet
  • Twirl their hair
  • Bite their nails

With the proper fidget toys, children can learn to cope and redirect their attention. You can buy fidget toys at Legacy Toys, as they offer your child a wide variety to choose from.

The Benefits of Fidget Toys

Fidget toys benefit children in various ways as it provides a tool to manage their anxiety or other special needs. By reducing their stress levels and keeping their hands busy, children can focus on the in-classroom lesson more easily.

Fidget toys benefit children on the autism spectrum by allowing them to hold onto or play with something when they’re uncomfortable, which can be especially beneficial in social situations where they may struggle.

How do fidget toys help with focus? When a child appropriately uses a fidget, they allow their brain to focus on what’s important. It also prevents children from experiencing sensory overload if they’re in a busy or loud environment where they might have a hard time focusing.

How To Choose the Right Fidget Toy

Purchasing the right fidget toy is essential to ensuring it helps your child, and all children respond differently. They should see it as a tool for success rather than a toy that distracts them. As you begin looking at fidget toys for your child, consider:

  • Material
  • Textures
  • Use

For some children, experiencing different textures is important in keeping themselves grounded during moments of stress or unease. You should also consider using the fidget toy and thinking about how your child will use it. Will it require pulling? What kind of materials does it have?

Considering these factors ensures you buy what’s best for your child and those around them—you don’t want to distract other students.

Understanding how fidget toys help kids with anxiety and special needs allows you to judge whether your child needs one. As you begin shopping for the perfect fidget, make sure that it matches their needs and coping techniques. Legacy Toys sells an assortment of fidget toys ranging from those with textures to fidget spinners for busy hands to help your child keep their focus in the classroom.

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