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January is National Hobby Month at Legacy Toys

January is National Hobby Month


I love a completed puzzle! It's just so piece-ful!

Welcome to January, National Hobby Month! What better way to start out the New Year than with a new hobby?! Let's take a look at different hobbies you may be interested in taking up!


Sweets Starter Kendama takes skill and practice to perfect those viral tricks! Try your hand at kendama this January and work on mastering your ability. We love recreating tricks we learn from watching other players online! Join the kendama craze with the Sweets Starter Kendama, the perfect introductory kendama for a beginner!




Loopdeloom Weaving Loom Kit

If you can dream it, you can weave it with Loopdeloom Weaving Loom Kit! Brush up on your creativity and learn a new craft while making something special. If you've ever wished you could create things like scarves, blankets, and pillows, Loopdeloom Weaving Loom Kit is the new hobby for you!

Maker Lab Rocks, Gems, & Geodes

Rock out, young Geologists! Your rock collection starts here with Maker Lab Rocks, Gems, & Geodes. Using the included crystal powder and mold, you can grow your own geode formation! The fun doesn't stop here either. The included book provides information on the rocks you'll find around you. Grow your collection this year!



Easy Electric Circuits

Calling all future scientists! We have a wide variety of kits to explore, like our Easy Electric Circuits! Explore the science of electricity in a fun, hands-on way by building 20 electric circuits and motorized devices. Learn the basics of electric circuits and build five fun, motorized models. After you fall in love with learning about circuits, check out the rest of our kits and keep on learning!




Jigsaw Puzzles

Nothing puzzling about it - our extensive collection of puzzles are just what you are looking for! Try your hand at our selection of jigsaw puzzles, from easy to difficult, puzzles are a classic hobby everyone can enjoy! Whether you're looking for a piece-ful day inside or the perfect fit for family game night, we've got the puzzle for you!

Tell us in the comments what hobby you are excited to dive into this January! 

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