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The Joys of Montessori Toys at Legacy Toys

The Joys of Montessori Toys

Montessori toys are a type of educational toy designed to support the Montessori method of education. The Montessori method is a child-centered approach that emphasizes hands-on learning and the development of independence, self-motivation, and self-discipline. Montessori toys are designed to support this approach by providing children with opportunities to explore, discover, and learn through play.
Some examples of Montessori toys include:
Wooden blocks: Simple wooden blocks can be used to teach children about shapes, sizes, and building.
Sensorial materials: These toys are designed to engage the senses and help children develop their sense of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. Examples include texture blocks, tactile boards, and sound cylinders.
Puzzles: Montessori puzzles are designed to be self-correcting, allowing children to work independently and learn through trial and error.
Manipulatives: These toys, such as counting bears or base ten blocks, are used to teach children math concepts such as counting, addition, and subtraction.
Play kitchen: It can help children to develop their social skills and imagination, as well as learning about food, cooking and daily routines.
Montessori toys are typically made from natural materials and are designed to be simple and uncluttered, allowing children to focus on the task at hand and develop their concentration and problem-solving skills. Montessori toys are not only for Montessori classrooms, they can be used in any educational setting or home to support children's development.
At Legacy Toys, we carry a wide selection of Montessori toys every child can enjoy! 
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