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Pandemic and pandemonium in the house at Legacy Toys

Pandemic and pandemonium in the house


Your kids are home from school and Pandemonium and Chaos has ensued!!  What should I do with these kids before they drive me crazy! As a home school mom of 3, let me tell you a few hints. 

First, you need a plan.  And some goals. Think about what you wish your child(ren) knew.  Should they be better at multiplication or do you want them to learn about a different country?  Now is the time to ensure they know about your ancestral country, chemistry or famous artists. Jot a couple of ideas down and choose the top 1 or 2.  If you want to teach them chemistry, engineering or robotics, there are some great ready to learn science kits available! Open the box and let the fun begin as you teach or perhaps even learn together. If getting them busy being creative is more your style perhaps some great art supplies are more what you're looking for.


When you look at a day with your children as a time to accomplish goals and teach them something you care and are passionate about, there won't be enough hours in a day!

Build in some active fun as well to keep them from feeling cooped up indoors! Spooner Boards or Pogo Ball Boards are a lot of fun to play indoors or out. Be sure to have times for sitting and times for active learning!  My 9 year old son memorizes everything faster when he is moving! Grab a set of dice and roll 2. How fast can the child multiply the numbers while balancing on a spooner board? Get creative, kids love it when you're creative with them and have fun together. It builds memories and experiences that they won't soon forget.

Enjoy the unexpected days with your children by taking the time to teach them what you want them to know!

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