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Return to Learn: 5th & 6th Grade at Legacy Toys

Return to Learn: 5th & 6th Grade


Family Making Dinner

Everything is starting to come together. Your child is starting to connect the learning. The learning may be getting harder, but who says it can’t be fun? Have an international night. What part of the world are they studying in History or Geography. Explore what the culture is like there, do they dress differently, try learning some of that language and cook an international meal together. As our kids become more self-sufficient, and schedules can get busy, consider having a family game night each week to connect and have fun. Legacy Toys isn’t just a toy store for younger children, we have games and puzzles for ages 0-99. Board games and card games promote critical thinking, memory, connection and let’s be honest, they are fun. 

What should my 5th & 6th grade child be learning?

  • Book Reports, Reading Comprehension
  • Data, Algebraic Thinking, Ratios, Fractions, Division
  • English Composition, Grammar & Communication Skills
  • Spelling,  Vocabulary
  • Geometry, Word Problems
  • History, Geography, Science, Health

Brain Quest 5th grade

Brain Quest Workbooks are curriculum-based exercises and activities aligned with common core standards to supplement learning with a spirit of fun. Complement the workbook with our 5th & 6th grade recommended line of products to assist parents in making learning from home not only educational, but fun! Don’t worry, if you don’t remember some of the Algebra basics, we’ve got you covered with our “Everything you need to know” book series for Math, English, History and Science to keep you and your student on their toes.

Everything You Need to Know Math

The Power of Play: Did You Know?

3D Crystal Puzzle Elephant Baby

Find an object in the room and take turns telling a spontaneous outlandish tall tale about it. “Did you know that purple car outside was once driven by a polka-dotted elephant in a rush to get to a doctor's appointment? He hit his nose with a hammer when he was building a specialty slide for his friend the ant.” The audience can show respect for the storyteller by announcing, “I was wondering why there was such a small slide out back” with great fanfare. Take turns naming objects in the room and even act them out, or try to make up a song about the object to a tune you know, like Old McDonald.

Unplugged Play Gradeschool

Find 200+ screen free activities for your 5th or 6th grader in this new and exciting book designed to give you ideas and activities for your 6-10 year old. 


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