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Return 2 Learn: Pre-K at Legacy Toys

Return 2 Learn: Pre-K


In the blink of an eye, our little toddler has grown into a  3-5 year old going on 13, they don’t call them a threenager for nothing. Copying adults, learning to problem solve and engage in pretend play. The Pre-K child is a sponge and ready to explore. At this age, children learn best when they are having fun. Everything might be a game, from cleaning up to finding what is solid and what is a liquid in the house. Learning through fun helps your Pre-K child start building learning concepts. 

What should my Pre-K child be learning?

  • Concepts of Size, Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Counting
  • Reading Readiness Skills
  • Listening & Sequencing Skills
  • Learning Position & Direction
  • Developing Motor Skills 
  • Social Emotional Development

Brainquest Workbooks Pre-K

Brain Quest Workbooks are curriculum-based exercises and activities aligned with common core standards to supplement learning with a spirit of fun. Complement the workbook with our Pre-K recommended line of products to assist parents in making learning from home not only educational, but fun!

The Power of Play

Kids Grocery Store

Encourage pretend play, help your child set up a small pretend grocery store, beach, or vet clinic. 

Kids Play Food

Store: Use some canned food in your pantry or toy food, do the shoppers have a list for their recipe, use a sticker to make prices for the items ($1, $2, use pretend money or monopoly money), teaching cash registers are a great educational toy or have them use a calculator to ring up the groceries.

Kids Cash Register

Beach: Imaginary beaches are best saved for rainy and snowy days. Together with your child draw and cut out (or Print) sea shells, fish and other items you might collect at the beach. Spread out your beach blankets and umbrellas indoors, grab your sand buckets and put on your swimming suits for a fun day in the sun. You can do all sorts of things at the beach like collect sea shells, how many items did you collect? Will you go surfing or catch a big fish?  Maybe you can even have a picnic on the beach. 

Kid's Vet Clinic

Veterinarian: Use your child’s stuffed animals to set up an imaginary vet’s office. What will the pets need? Have your child help you gather bowls for food, blankets, a large food storage container for a pretend bath, towels, a place to examine pets, and a brush for their fur. Use wax paper to make pretend x-rays they can hold up to the light and examine. 

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