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Something for Everyone: Fat Brain Toys at Legacy Toys

Something for Everyone: Fat Brain Toys


A Fat Brain Toy for Every Age!

Fat Brain Toys is known for offering a wide range of toys that cater to various age groups, providing educational and entertaining experiences for children. Here are some of the different types of toys available at Fat Brain Toys and the age ranges they cater to:

Infant Toys (0-12 months): Fat Brain Toys offers a variety of toys designed to stimulate the senses and aid in early development. These include soft toys, teething toys, activity gyms, and rattles, which help infants explore textures, sounds, and colors.
Toddler Toys (1-3 years): For toddlers, Fat Brain Toys offers toys that encourage imaginative play, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. These toys may include shape sorters, building blocks, stacking toys, and simple puzzles. Ride-on toys and push toys that promote physical activity are also available.
Preschool Toys (3-5 years): Fat Brain Toys offers a wide selection of toys that help preschoolers develop important skills. These include educational puzzles, alphabet and number games, art and craft sets, pretend play toys, and building sets. Musical instruments, balance bikes, and outdoor play equipment are also popular choices.
School-Age Toys (6-8 years): For children in the early school years, Fat Brain Toys provides toys that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Science kits, coding games, board games, construction sets, and remote-controlled toys are some examples. They also offer interactive books, sports equipment, and building kits with more complex designs.
Preteen Toys (9-12 years): Fat Brain Toys offers a range of toys and games that appeal to preteens and encourage continued learning and exploration. STEM kits, logic puzzles, strategy board games, model kits, and art supplies are available options. Brain teasers, building sets with advanced features, and robotic toys also cater to this age group.
Teen Toys (13+ years): Fat Brain Toys recognizes that teenagers still enjoy playtime. They offer challenging puzzles, brain teasers, building sets, and craft kits that engage and entertain older kids and teens. Strategy board games, remote-controlled vehicles, and advanced coding kits are also popular choices.
Special Needs Toys: Fat Brain Toys understands the importance of inclusive play and offers a selection of toys suitable for children with special needs. These toys focus on sensory experiences, fine motor skills, and cognitive development, providing opportunities for all children to learn and have fun.

Unique Types of Toys for Everyone!

By catering to various age groups and offering a diverse range of toys, they strive to support children's growth at every stage. Fat Brain Toys has become a trusted name in the toy industry because of the amount of products they produce for every interest. Here are some of the different types of toys you can find in their collection:
  1. Building and Construction Toys: Fat Brain Toys offers various building sets, including blocks, magnetic construction sets, and interlocking building pieces. These toys help enhance fine motor skills, creativity, and spatial reasoning.

  2. Educational Toys: Fat Brain Toys specializes in educational toys that make learning fun. They offer a diverse range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys, puzzles, brainteasers, and educational games that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning.

  3. Sensory Toys: Fat Brain Toys recognizes the importance of sensory play for child development. They offer a wide selection of toys that stimulate the senses, such as textured balls, squishy toys, sensory bins, and fidget toys. These toys can help with sensory processing, motor skills, and relaxation.

  4. Active Play Toys: Encouraging physical activity and outdoor play is essential, and Fat Brain Toys provides a variety of toys that promote active play. They offer items like ride-on toys, balance bikes, sports equipment, and outdoor games, enabling kids to stay active and have fun at the same time.

  5. Pretend Play Toys: Pretend play is vital for children's social and emotional development, and Fat Brain Toys offers an array of imaginative toys that support this type of play. From play kitchens, tool sets, and dollhouses to costumes and plush, these toys allow children to explore different roles, express themselves, and develop their creativity.

  6. Arts and Crafts: For budding artists and crafters, Fat Brain Toys offers a wide selection of art supplies, craft kits, and DIY projects. These toys encourage self-expression, fine motor skills, and artistic exploration.

  7. Board Games and Puzzles: Fat Brain Toys features an extensive collection of board games and puzzles suitable for various age groups. These games promote social interaction, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and cooperative play, making them perfect for family game nights or playdates.

  8. Musical Instruments: Nurturing a child's musical abilities is made easier with Fat Brain Toys' range of musical instruments. From xylophones and keyboards to drums and guitars, these toys allow kids to discover the joy of music and develop rhythm and coordination.

  9. Books and Reading Toys: Fat Brain Toys offers a selection of books and reading toys to foster a love of reading and literacy skills in children. From interactive storybooks to alphabet puzzles and educational flashcards, these toys make learning to read engaging and enjoyable.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of toys available at Fat Brain Toys. With their focus on quality, innovation, and educational value, they strive to provide toys that both children and parents can enjoy. Check out our Pinterest Board for more Fat Brain Toys!

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