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The Benefits of Rotating Your Child's Toys and Activities at Legacy Toys

The Benefits of Rotating Your Child's Toys and Activities


Too many choices can overwhelm a child, so cut down on this by rotating out their toys. Each week, put out a set and collect others for storage. Not only do you keep your child thinking creatively each time they play, but you also cut down on clutter! One of the greatest benefits of rotating your child's toys and activities is it keeps play engaging. Old toys will always feel new.

Broadens Imagination

When kids have too many toys at their disposal, they don’t think creatively. Some even gravitate towards the same one. While having a favorite toy is fine, switching them up makes your child think in new ways. They search out different solutions and experiment with play.

Makes Them Resourceful

Play provides a child with essential skills for the future—resourcefulness is crucial. With a limited number of toys, your child must think about how they’ll use each one. For example, if their favorite superhero toy is in storage, they can create their own hero with the toys they have. What’s cooler than an original superhero?

Great for You, Too

A top benefit of rotating your child’s toys and activates is it keeps everything exciting. You don’t have to buy new toys to make playtime fun. If you pack old ones away, your child may forget about them until they see the toys again. Likewise, they’ll be all the more excited to see that toy when the time has come for it to shine!

How To Get Started

While you do want to collect your child’s toys so you can rotate them, avoid packing away games and puzzles. You may lose pieces during rotations, and both are great tools for your little one’s development. Sort their toys into different categories such as:

  • Creative toys
  • Building toys
  • Musical toys
  • Active toys
  • Pretending toys

Once you categorize them, create sets of what you’ll give your child each rotation. Maybe you want them to have one creative toy and one active toy. Depending on your child’s age, you also may want to limit how many toys they get at once. Do what works for your child.

If you’re looking to make rotations fun, then keep their holiday-themed toys in a separate bin. Then, you can give them to your child at the appropriate holiday. Nothing’s more exciting than seeing a toy that’s remained carefully hidden for months.

Don’t Stop There

Switch out books, too! Reading the same old books gets boring after a while, even if they’re classics. Just like having too many toy choices, too many books can overwhelm a child. Instead, rotate what books they have on their shelf, so they’re always looking at something new and exciting!

Switching out your child’s activities makes them think more as they play. Maybe they’ll have to get creative and use their barnyard toys as heroes or princesses! You can buy the perfect toys for your children at Legacy Toys. As experts of play, Legacy Toys will help you keep your child’s days filled with education, excitement, and, most importantly, fun!

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