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The Incredible Health Benefits of Spending Time With Family at Legacy Toys

The Incredible Health Benefits of Spending Time With Family


Play is amazing—and not just because it’s fun. Children gain many mental and emotional advantages when playing with family. Once you learn all about the incredible health benefits of spending time with family, you’ll be searching for the next board game or activity for game night!

It Benefits Their Mental Health

Spending time with family does wonders for mental health because it provides people of all ages with a social network. Surrounding yourself with people you know and can rely on is essential, especially in times of need, because everyone offers different outlooks. Family time also helps boost a child’s self-esteem by reminding them they’re important at home.

Coping With Stress

Healthy relationships don’t just provide children with a network; it also provides them with various coping mechanisms to find valuable solutions to their stress. The more time you spend having fun as a family, the more you instill these skills in your child. Understanding stress management from a young age keeps a child happy and healthy.

Stress can harm the body by increasing blood pressure and feelings of fatigue. When children don’t know how to deal with their anxiety, they might handle it in an unhealthy manner—such as acting out in school or at home.

Lead By Example

Many kids follow what they see their parents do, so be a good example for your child. You could think up some fun family activities that offer healthy coping skills. If you’ve got a little athlete, go for a family run or bike ride. Likewise, if your child’s a virtuoso, you could try writing a song together!

Enhances Emotional Bonds

Increased emotional bonds co-relate to many aspects of a child’s life—it improves their mental health and helps them form healthy future relationships. Family is a source of unconditional love. If your child is struggling emotionally, academically, or in another area of life, they need to know that they can count on you.

The more you do as a family, the better you bond with one another. You build memories that last a lifetime and create a significant impact on your child’s life. A child will use family bonds as a baseline for relationships they will establish later in life. Children who have healthy family ties are more inclined to search for the same in other relationships.

It Teaches Conflict Resolution

Understanding emotional control and finding ways to develop healthy bonds are vital to a child’s development, as is conflict resolution. Imagine how chaotic things would be if no one learned how to deal with conflict.

Learning communication in childhood is critical. As kids spend time with family, they learn to apologize after arguments and wrongdoings as they watch you do so. Siblings argue, but they also make up. Knowing how to communicate is an important part of being a member of society. And as your children learn how to deal with conflict, they will also be less inclined to develop behavioral problems.

They Perform Better in School

Another amazing benefit children get from family bonding time is better academic performance! Children with strong family ties often do great in school because they’ve learned how to communicate better with their peers and teachers. Moreover, since they have a fantastic support network, these children know how to seek help when they need it, so they’re less likely to fall behind on assignments.

Why Is Family Time a Priority?

If children don’t feel connected to their family or, worse yet, feel ignored, they may start to withdraw from other social connections. Unforgettable memories are priceless. An expensive toy is worth nothing to a child if they have no one to play with them. A neglected child may also develop:

  • Behavioral issues
  • A dependence on technology
  • Poor coping mechanisms

Communication starts at home. It’s easiest to correct inappropriate behaviors if you see them happen. Moreover, if no one limits how long your children can use their tablets or phones, they may become reliant on screen time as a source of entertainment and socialization.

How To Make Family Time Priority

Establish a schedule for when you’ll spend time as a family, and communicate it to everyone. Turn mundane events into a chance to bond. For example, spend dinnertime going around the table and allowing everyone to share a highlight of their day. You could take things a step further and share low points as well.

Discussing moments of difficulty as a family allows your child to get your opinion and advice on challenges they may have faced in school or with friends. In turn, this can improve their emotional health and conflict resolution—you may offer tips they didn’t consider.

It’s Not Always Scheduled

While many of us think that family bonding has to consist of different activities, that’s not always the case. If you’re eating dinner as a family, you’re already on track—make sure everyone’s talking and engaged.

Family time is not watching TV as a group or being in the same room; you have to talk or do something fun together! Children have active imaginations, so if you need help thinking up an activity, talk to your kid.

Find time to help your child with their schoolwork, especially if they ask. Not only will this help with their academic life, but it also reminds them that you’re there to give them support. Tutoring your child also allows them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in a comfortable environment.

It Could Be an Activity

If you’re a busy family, setting aside one night every week for specific activities may not always be easy. However, try to find time in the schedule to bond as a family. For example, make every Friday night a family game night, and let someone different choose the game each week. You could play exciting adventure board games one week and strategy games the next. What’s important is that everyone has fun.

You could also settle on different events each week to ensure it never gets boring and prevent too much overlap. Some options for family bonding include:

  • Watching movies together
  • Going on walks
  • Volunteering

Find an activity that works best for your family, and take turns deciding what you do so that everyone feels included. There are countless incredible health benefits of spending time with family, so shop at Legacy Toys for awesome games, puzzles, crafts, and more that the whole family will enjoy!

Bonding does wonders for mental and emotional health; it also teaches life lessons. Children learn the importance of being honest if you spend more time together because you can teach them the difference between right and wrong. You can bond through volunteering, trying a new activity together, or through an exciting game night!

The Incredible Health Benefits of Spending Time With Family

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