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Top Toys for Kids for Summer 2020 at Legacy Toys

Top Toys for Kids for Summer 2020


The summer season has begun and flowers have started to bloom to tell us that it is time to spend our nights and weekends outside. I have grown up spending a lot of my childhood time in the backyard of our densely populated area during warmer months and so is the routine of our younger generation as well. There is a huge variety of useful toys that can be given to your child to convince him to leave the electronic gadgets and start playing with physical objects outdoors. Outdoor activities are equally important for your little ones as their e-learning skills. Their bodies and minds are freshened up by spending some time on outdoor activities and games.

Here, I am trying to enlist the reasonable collection of outdoor toys that seem to be favorites among children even today. 

Spooner Board – Freestyle

If your kid is interested in learning surfing, skating, and snowboarding, Spooner board is an amazing introductory tool. Kids starting at the age of 3 love to flip, rock, sit and stand on this indestructible and high quality materialized board during the practice of their moves on nearly any surface. This versatile wheel-less board is manufactured of highly dense polyethylene which helps it to be used as a sled on any surface including grass and snow. This freestyle board provides maneuvering for riders with strength, balance, and coordination. This is also very popular among physical education teachers at kindergarten schools because it gives fun with safety in any weather condition, location, and environment.


WOWmazing Giant Bubble Making Unicorn Kit

The Bubble Making Unicorn Kit by WOWmazing includes everything which to make colorful and gigantic bubbles. This unicorn bubble making kit was manufactured to attract children but adults love it just as much as well. This will encourage kids to go outside and enjoy the spectrum of beautiful colors. Kids can make creative bubbles of any design indoor and outdoor. It is made up of two light-weighted wands connected with a firm cotton string. Includes enough bubble solution to make tons of absolutely huge bubbles.


Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket

For the last 30 years, Stomp Rocket has been famous for inspiring children. The extreme rockets propel up to 400 feet in the sky with the power provided by the kids. That means no batteries are required for this toy and it provides hours of kid powered fun. The Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket is a durable and high flying outdoor toy that can also be used to teach your children about gravity, trajectory, and air power in an interactive and impressive way. It also encourages kids to use their muscles with maximum power that will eventually strengthen them.


Inflatable Body Bumper

A fun toy that is equally popular with kids, teenagers and adults as well. They mostly carry it with them while going on an outdoor trip to enjoy outdoors. Yes, it is safe to bump, flip, and swirl with this bumper pack on their bodies. It helps to increase metabolism and burn fats and that's just one of the reasons its so popular among adults. It is a great exercising set that includes fun and enjoyment for kids of all ages.


NinjaLine 36' Intro Kit with 7 Hanging Obstacles

This Ninja intro kit with 7 obstacles and 14 pockets enable the customized arrangement of these 7 obstacles or add extra ones by yourself. It is an amazing outdoor toy for training your kids for the popular ninja warrior courses. It can be a great way of introducing your children with something that is very useful for their strength and growth. The portability of the Ninja kit allows you to take it anywhere with you where you can hang it between two strong pillars or trees with a strong trunk to bear its weight. This Ninja line is 36 feet long and with 7 obstacles in a pack.


90' Zipline Eagle Kit with Spring Brake

Our Zipline Eagle Kit is very easy to install in your backyard with only two trees to tie it with. This is an amazing adventurous game for kids to start their playing experience with confidence and full strength. It is tied a few feet off the ground to let your children experience an exciting ride from tree to tree. Parents do not need to worry about the strength and longevity of the wires because it comes very high-quality material with no compromise on its durability.


Mashoonga Foam Warrior Sabers

These foam-made Mashoonga Foam Warrior Sabers consist of two rods with nylon handles for a strong grip and a soft foam exterior. It's a safe and fun way for kids to battle while preventing them from hurting each other. The warrior sabers are an interesting outdoor toy for kids with high energy levels to play, imagine, and act accordingly for defeating their opponents. This is the right way to direct the warrior-like energies of your children to learn something productive and fun-filled as well all with safety in mind. It compels the playing partners to think of different prevention strategies to cope with the attacking. It strengthens the muscles and mental coordination simultaneously.


Inflatable Sports Toss

A very creative outdoor toy to let your kids enjoy two sports in one toy. This has two faces, one is a baseball keeper and the other is a football player’s face. It can be placed on either side to play baseball or football. It is very useful for teaching your kids about the rules of both games and it is also great fun for them.


These are just a few of our favorite toys for summer. There are many other outdoor toys at Legacy Toys that can be helpful to entertain kids and teenagers as well as fun loving adults. Even though all toys are carefully designed for the safety of children, it is suggested that parents and adults keep an eye on them while they are playing. Your participation and involvement in your kids’ games will also make them feel appreciated and it strengthens the bond between you and children and they feel confident to share anything with you as a friend.

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