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When Normal is Canceled! at Legacy Toys

When Normal is Canceled!


Everything in our daily life is canceled!  Now is the time to enjoy the extra time together and enjoy those in your closest circle!  

But what to do together?  It's only been a few days and I am already sick of the iPads!  I swear the iPad turns my normal sweet little boy into an addict that can't be happy with anything except more ipad time!  

Last night I used the iPad to turn on a tutorial video about a new board game!  It was just the ticket to get his mind detoxed from the mind numbing digital world and into a fun family activity!  

Luckily, lots of board games have how to videos!  


Would you like your child to understand this time of pandemic in our world?  Order the board game Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy and show them how fast an outbreak can occur!


A fun 3-D world that you get to design with different ecosystems.  The little ones can "play" right next to your elementary and older family members.  My 3 year old gets her own planet and a few extra pieces and makes up her own rules as the rest of us compete for the biggest ecosystems.  This game is great for learning about animals in ecosystems too!  

Battle Sheep

Battle Sheep Board Game

Battle Sheep is another family favorite.  Thick sturdy plastic sheep circles can be used for this game, along with using them during math class as manipulatives.  During the game you create pastures for your sheep, hoping to have the biggest pasture at the end of the game.  This is a wonderful game that it is as fun to move the sheep as it is to win.  


Coilz Game

Coilz are a new favorite in my house!  Think of a spring, shaped into a ball, with a picture on one side.  They come with directions for over 20 games.  My favorites are tiddlywinks and marbles!  It is also fun to squeeze them and see how far they can bounce!  The cup it comes with is a ready made target!  My son has used them as a fidget in his pocket too.  They have such a nice feel, I often end up with one or two coilz in my pocket too! 

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up! Kids Party Game

Thumbs Up! is a speed game, using rings of different colors to create patterns.   The rings can be used from each players fingers, so no table is needed.  To make it easier for younger players, they can have their rings on the table.  This is one of my all time favorite games.  If you are the fastest to make the pattern with your rings, you earn the card.  You can determine how long you want to play by setting a different number of cards needed to win.  But the best part of this game - once the kids are in bed - it can be played as a drinking game!!  If you are the slowest to get your pattern, DRINK!  

Dr. Eureka

Dr. Eureka Kids Strategy Game

Dr. Eureka is similar to Thumbs Up!, but with little balls and test tubes!  For the science loving family, is makes a great game.  It is a bit harder, for the balls are not allowed to be touched (Unless you are making it easier for the younger crowd) and it is more fun to say "EUREKA!"

I hope your un-normal days become a treasured time of family togetherness!  

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